Who We Are

We're a creative tribe of innovative thynkers who strive for nothing short of excellence. We take risks and bust our asses to build a better future for ourselves

We're a different breed

We're unique af and embrace it

We welcome and accept everyone-the weirder the better. While we may work in different industries and may be at different stages in our journey, we all share the desire to thynk bigger, be better, and create a sustainable future.

Why did you put a y in think?

The Y in Thynk is a small reminder to always remember your WHY

Trust us, we get that the hustle is real. As a community, we keep pushing each other through by reminding us WHY we started 

Two female founders on a mission to make the world a more socioeconomically diverse place.

Meet the Squad

Maghan Morin

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University of Missouri

The Visionary

Background in Communications

Lived in London

Entrepreneur since Age 5

Passionate about providing resources

for at-risk youth

Jeanine Suah

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Florida State University

University of South Florida

The Implementer

Background in Linguistics & TESOL

Lived in Brazil

Entrepreneur since Age 5

Passionate about increasing awareness

around social issues

Our Journey

Started in St. Pete

Maghan Morin & Jeanine Suah created a coworking concept for badass women in biz called The Doyenne Company. The Doy built a community of 800+ women

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Built Communities

While building The Doy, Maghan and Jeanine caught the attention of brands like Red Bull & Bumble, and hosted large-scale events that united professionals from all over.

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Now We Here

​​To make more of an impact within our community, we packed our bags and took our talents down to Miami where we launched Thynk Global workspace in Feb. 2020

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