Coworking Space Aims to Empower Minority Female Entrepreneurs

Thynk Global, an innovative coworking space designed by and for minority women, has opened its first location in Miami’s burgeoning Little River district.

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Thynk Global, an innovative coworking space designed by and for minority women, has opened its first location in Miami’s burgeoning Little River district. Founded by Maghan Morin and Jeanine Suah, Thynk Global invites minority women and their allies, both male and female entrepreneurs of all ethnicities, to network, get organized, collaborate and grow their business, all for a fraction of the cost of most coworking spaces.

In addition to empowering young entrepreneurs, founders Morin and Suah hope to combat gentrification in the neighborhoods in which they open their coworking spaces. Through Thynk Global, they aim to help these communities by creating high-quality hubs that promote socio-economic inclusion. By offering monthly memberships as low as $87, they provide affordable options to young entrepreneurs and up-and-coming professionals.

“By launching Thynk Global in a neighborhood like Little River, we’re giving people in the community a true chance to build their own paths and create something beautiful for their lives,” said Morin. “We are most proud of the individuals we have inspired and helped along the way. There’s no better feeling than someone telling us, ‘Because of you, I decided to start my own company.’ Being an entrepreneur takes some serious guts, and if we can inspire even one person to do it, then we’ll continue to do this,” added Suah.

Morin, a budding entrepreneur since the age of five with a background in broadcast marketing, and Suah, a linguistics graduate who once studied the linguistic impact of social ecosystems in Brazil, first met in 2016 when they worked at the same company in St. Petersburg, Florida. While they each wound up leaving the company and started their own individual businesses, they began helping each other in areas in which the other lacked. They quickly realized they were stronger, more confident and more productive together than they were apart, and thus they set out on their mission: to offer the same level of encouragement and resources to other female entrepreneurs.

Shortly after, in October 2017, they decided to open up an all-women’s coworking space: The Doyenne Company. Like the true entrepreneurs that they are, Morin and Suah conducted extensive market research and tested their ideas with pop-up coworking events before embarking on this journey. While traction picked up quickly, going from 12 to 150-200 attendees in a matter of two months, they realized St. Petersburg wasn’t quite ready for a physical space. Thus, they set their sights on Miami.

With Thynk Global, Morin and Suah set out to create a welcoming space where makers, creators and innovators can “thynk” beyond limits and produce their best work, and they’ve done just that. The 3,000-square-foot warehouse, featuring sleek modern furniture and pops of color throughout, sparks creativity immediately upon entering. The space has been designed with their members’ (who are aptly named “thynkers”) needs in mind, packed with amenities including an in-house kitchen, concierge service, a meeting room, mail delivery service, an outdoor garden and more. To further support its thynkers, Thynk Global is the first coworking space in Miami to feature a Pop-Up Retail Shop to showcase thynker’s products and brands, which the public is invited to shop from.

However, at Thynk Global, thynkers get more than just a space; they inherit new professional connections and friends who challenge them to do better and be better. Thynk Global also hosts free, year round workshops led by experts for thynkers, including classes on financial literacy, business marketing, branding and more. Additionally, community-building events like Painting with a Twist, allow thynkers to further build interpersonal relationships. 

Located at 311 NW 72nd Terrace, Thynk Global is open to members Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Those interested in joining the Thynk Global community can enjoy a free, seven-day trial membership by signing up at

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