Meet the queens

behind the scenes

Thynk Co-founders

Hey BFFs! We're Maghan and Jeanine, the co-founders of Thynk Global and the BFF Club. We're on a mission to increase access to capital for black female founders that experience the same challenges we do while building a startup.

In building global communities, we've learned that the best solution for all us to get ahead is by exchanging resources and making connections for one another. That's why we built a platform that would allow us to build a community of BFFs and then connect that community to stakeholders who would take them to the next level.

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Press. Press. Press. Press.

The y in Thynk Global is a reminder to always remember your WHY

Our why is simple: it's you. Our goal is to increase access to capital & resources for black founders so that we as a collective can build long-term generational wealth.